March 28, 2020

Tung Lam Independent HKN President is known to the world including communism countries Russia and PRC. But their news on Tung Lam HKN are regressive but not progressive.

March 20, 2020

* The White House Contact +1(202)4561414 or +1(202)4561111

# Spontaneous worldwide Bing Video Icon on Independent Hong Kong HKN February 12, 2020 & The support of The Queen on this fake outbreak March 19, 2020 on the same day with The White House.

# Real T...

January 5, 2020

## As informed by previous Head of IMF and now in Europe, previous local Bank of China stops printing dollar notes!

January 5, 2020

You may find that mobile website of Tung Lam President of Independent Hong Kong HKN has changed to The White House logo but personal computer website is still using the White House Newsletters logo. This is because The White House officially endorses Tung Lam President...

January 5, 2020

Martin L. King is the first black who is willing to confront the injustice towards black and he is eventually killed. He receives endorsement from The White House.

HKSAR Department of Justice is permanently closed down.

January 4, 2020

With the establishment of Independent Hong Kong HKN, everything is now on its position. Major local news websites start to pick up Independent Hong Kong HKN news. Two of the most prominent local news websites are Yahoo and MSN. One of them is now going after Independen...

January 4, 2020

## Tung Lam President of Independent Hong Kong HKN 

## Lord Tung First President HKN