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International Law Primer and International Organization

Please read the blog on 'The Compatibility between Human Rights and Intellectual Property' on 30 September 2017 before proceeding further on this blog.

International treaty law ('convention', 'agreement', 'accord' etc.)

- contract;

- need to be signed and ratified.

Treaty v Customary International Law

- states must consider binding upon them 'as law'.

International organization

- can promulgate or facilitate various types of instrument, some binding and some not.

Human rights

- considered fundamental and innate;

- duty and duty-bearers;

- universally forced (rawls);

- collective responsibility;

- linked with morality.

World Trade Organization (WTO) and its functions

- facilitation of international trade;

- expanding access to markets;

- avoidance of 'unfair' trade;

- promotion of economic growth;

- regulation of trade agreement.

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