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Public Opinion on Assisted Suicide in Switzerland

On 15 May 2011, Zurich celebrated a double victory in a Zurich Cantonal people's vote: the people of Zurich supported by 85% and 78% respectively the activities in the field of assisted suicide as well as the efforts to grant this option to individuals from outside Switzerland.

The vote came about because two conservative Christian political groups had started two referendums, which aimed at prohibiting assisted suicide entirely and aimed at making it impossible for an individual who has not lived in the Canton of Zurich to access help with an assisted suicide.

In countries of the 'western hemisphere', public opinion is generally in favour of freedom of choice in end-of-life issues. There are many polls which show this. The degree of understanding of end-of-life issues in members of the public is a key factor, which signifies that we need to make an effort in educating the public,

#DIGNITAS pamphlet

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