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Slippery Slope in Netherlands

This was based on the presentation at WFRtDS conference by Laura De Vito who is the legal representative of NVVE. NVVE is the largest right-to-die organization in Netherlands.

Definition of Slippery Slope

The idea that a relatively small first step leads to a chain of related events culminating in significance.

Main Worries

1. absence of terminal illness or dying phase (no figures)

2. dementia (increasing number of cases)

3. age issue (remained stable in numbers)

4. completed life or no more valuable things in life (no figures)

5. psychiatric disorders (increasing in numbers)

Law (legislative considerations)

1. absence of terminal illness (dying phase): does not need to be in terminal illness

2. dementia: advance directive comes in, known will get deteriorated

3. age issue or accumulation of old-age complaints: not in law, Royal Dutch Medical Association believes it is a kind of medical suffering, review committees believes it can lead to hopeless deterioration in 2015

4. completed life: debatable, not covered by law of bill

5. psychiatric disorders: can be considered even without somatic causes


No significant slippery slope in Netherlands.

The condition of completed life is no reason for euthanasia, never applied if it is the only problem.

The condition of old-age complaints is not specifically discussed by legislator.

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