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British Medical Association (BMA) recommendations for diet-related ill-health

1. Sugar Tax

- increase pricing by 20%

- using the tax to subsidise the sale of fruits and vegetables

2. Public-private partnership

- reduce the accessibility, availability and marketing of unhealthy food and drink products

3. Education, social marketing and health promotion

- healthy dietary behaviour

- health risks of a poor diet

- healthier diets in school

4. Consumer information

- displaying of nutritional information

5. Restrictions of mass media

- prohibit the marketing of unhealthy food and drink

- regulations prohibiting sponsorship of events or activities

6. Regulating industry practices

- decrease display of unhealthy foods in retailers

7. Restricting availability of unhealthy food or drink

- school food: set up food standard, more fruits and vegetables

- hospital food: set up food standard

- social caring food: set up food standard

8. Regulating the nutritional content of processed food and drink

9. The best example of diet-related ill-health is the emergency of beef-related Bovine Spongioform Encephalopathy in UK in 1990s

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