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Risk and Regulation: Food and Risk

Good News: usually are of low risk

Bad News: most are due to food mishandling (microbial problems)

Rules for controlling the food risks:

1. Keep your prepared foods either very cold (under 40 degree Fahrenheit) or very hot (over 140 degree Fahrenheit). Do not hold between 40-140 degree Fahrenheit for more than 2 hours. The reason behind is that microorganisms multiply rapidly at warm temperatures. A single organism can increase to 2,097,152 organisms within 7 hours. So, don't buy eggs, milk, fresh meats, salads, sandwitch spreads, or cream filled products unless they are in refrigerated case. Don't leave food for too long. Keep picnic foods at right temperatures and keep leftovers in refrigerator.

2. Keep food clean. Wash hands and avoid contact with food if injured hands such as Staph. aureus on skin in case of pimple or boil. Don't cough or sneeze on food. Keep pets away and control household pests.

3. Decrease or avoid risk whenever possible. Remember to reheat leftovers and discard moldy food. Store household cleaners away from food and wash fruits and vegetables.

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