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Risk and Regulation: Food and Risk

Food Risks:

1. Hormones:

- Bovine Growth Hormones (BGH) (in all cattles, regulates milk production)

- Does not affect humans

- Concerns are over the use of BGH in the economics of increasing the milk supply rather than human safety

2. Pesticides:

- Low risk, the pesticide must be safe at 100 times the legal level for extra security

- Often due to the pesticide not approved for that type of products

3. Carcinogens:

- Less than 1% of cancer deaths can be attributed to food additives

- Balanced, varied diet (with more carotene, vitamin C & E)

- Consumes fat at 30% or less of total calories

- Consumes adequate fibres

4. Microbial:

- Microorganisms (bacteria, molds, yeasts, viruses)

- Food poisoning (mishandled foods and microbial growth)

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