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Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) v Yates and Gard [2017]

Baby Gard suffers from a rare RRM2B mutation of MDDS with structured brain damage. A new therapy nucleoside therapy may benefit TK2 variants but cannot cross blood-brain barrier. The hospital requests to withdraw life support but parents could not agree. The hospital sought a declaration from the court as to the baby's best interests.

Judgment: A declaration was made that the hospital may lawfully withdraw all treatment, save for palliative care, to permit the baby to die with dignity.

P.S. Mitochondrial DNA Depletion Syndrome (MDDS): a group of autosomal recessive disorders that cause significant drop in mitochondrial DNA in affected tissues. Symptoms can be any combination of myopathic, hepatopathic, or encephalomyopathic.

Yates & Anor v GOSH for Children NHS Foundation Trust & Anor [2017]

Appeal case to the above child - rejected by court of appeal.

Parents made application to the European Court which granted the child Interim measure until 13 June 2017 (midnight).

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