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X v Y [1988]

In UK, two practicing physicians infected with AIDs. An order was obtained restraining the newspaper from publishing the information. However, the newspaper published the information without naming the doctors. An injunction was sought to prevent the publishing of the doctors' names and to compel disclosure of the newspaper's source. Judgment was sought to rule the article in contempt of the earlier order. It is held that the public interest in preserving confidentiality of hospital records outweighed the freedom of the press. The court issued an injunction permanently barring any publishing of this information.

在英国, 两名执业医生感染爱滋病。法院下令禁止报纸刊登相关资讯。但是,报纸还是刊登该新闻但是没有揭露医生名字。相关人士申请一项禁制令,禁止刊登相关医生的名字及强制报纸揭露资料来源。法庭判定该文章侵犯早前的命令。法庭认为医院纪录保密权的公众利益重要过报纸的出版自由。法庭发出永久禁制令禁止出版相关资讯。

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