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Precision Medicine vs Regenerative Medicine

Something learnt from the course and just want to share with you!

Regenerative Medicine is closely aligned with the use of stem cells which emphasises the use of whole human cells, larger biological molecules or medical devices. The pioneer in Regenerative Medicine Dr. Paolo Macchiarini used the trachea implant grew from the stem cells to carry out implantation on humans. He was famous for his professional misconduct in carrying out such researches on relatively healthy subjects. Most of his research subjects died. After this medical incidence, he worked at the Kazan Federal University in Russia but later left his post in April 2017. Nobody knows where he is now.

Precision Medicine is advocated by the US President Barack Obama in the same period which is 2015. Precision Medicine is defined as an innovative approach that takes into account individual difference in people's genes, environments, and lifestyles. It is a kind of medical treatment tailored made according to individual needs. Future trends in Precision Medicine are most likely in lines with genetic pathways in cancer with medications, cancer immunotherapies, DNA sequencing, and use of technology in acute interventions.

Hope you learn something new from my blog instead of pure focus on the end of life issue!

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