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Popular Tung Lam & his Savage Land

December 29, 2019

Tung Lam becomes the most popular public figure on the earth due to Independent Hong Kong HKN.

Independent Hong Kong HKN is official to the world with everything completed on 22 December 2019 due to official listing of Independent Hong Kong HKN at The White House contact.

People are not to be trusted!


With continuation of current political situation, Independent Hong Kong HKN will end up this way:-


1. Those protesters will try to seize the political power and name their own leader of Independent Hong Kong but this will not be recognised by the international community who will end up powerless and there will be no fundings to their so-called Independent Hong Kong.


2. China will take such opportunity to order People's Liberation Army stepping in and to take back the control. Independent Hong Kong will become HKSAR or even worse. But the international community will not support such existence and no fundings will be in that region.


3. Local police intervenes and calls Tung Lam as Chief Executive of Hong Kong because they will claim that Hong Kong is always part of China and Independent Hong Kong HKN is not a possibility. Of course, Tung Lam will refuse to be in such a position. The international community will not recognise the administration afterwards and no fundings will be in this region.


This region will only end up in extreme poverty and will become a savage land. This region has no natural resources and has no creative industries. Everything relies on property and stocks market investment only. Without fundings it will be nothing.


Tung Lam will end up leaving his family and will become a celebrity figure of the world living in United States.


With support of The White House, Tung Lam will return very soon as First President and Independent Hong Kong HKN will be part of United States Minor Outlying Islands.





## Independent Hong Kong HKN as US Minor Outlying Islands has monetary support from Microsoft!


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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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