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Implication of Rescheduled Great Britain Vote

December 13, 2019

I am glad that Great Britain completes its rescheduled vote recently and I congratulate the successors of this vote. Many of you may ask why Great Britain votes again in such a short period of time after its head assumes the duty. Is there a reason for this? It is very simple because their previous vote is done by their cabinet members only. This is the merit of democratic Capitalism society which is to make the vote open to the public. This is very admirable because Great Britain is eventually an open democratic society all along.


People start to suggest me for making a similar arrangement after full assumption of power in Independent Hong Kong HKN. I am very much wanted to do so provided that all of you consider the following prerequisites:-


1. Independent Hong Kong HKN is facing pressure from Communism headed by China and Russia. The obstruction is much greater than that faced by western societies. You will find that I am facing many personal attacks already.


2. Ever since the deletion of HKSAR from The White House contact list and formal Certification by White House Fellows on Tung Lam President of Independent Hong Kong HKN, this special administration starts to become panic about the very soon assumption of political power of Independent Hong Kong HKN. It starts to reward the disciplines especially cops with monetary return but to exploit ordinary supporting citizens by shutting down many businesses leading to unemployment. This will create rage from the society and it is bad for Independent Hong Kong HKN.


Any suggestion to repeat the vote at this stage will revert the situation back to original status or even worse of hastening reunification with China. I am sorry to say that I cannot allow this to happen. I will keep my promise to encourage international fundings to flush into Independent Hong Kong HKN right away to damp down anything undesirable.





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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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