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Questions on Tung Lam President of Independent Hong Kong HKN

December 3, 2019

1. What is your national identity?


Ever since I step my foot on Hong Kong till this moment of Hong Kong Independence, I am HongKonger but not Chinese. The only reason I need to obtain USA citizenship is because of the political risk I need to face when handling Hong Kong Independence. It is only through my recognised USA citizenship and US Foreign Diplomat, I can work on this topic safely without much disturbance from Communism especially mainland China. As long as I am not only holding citizenship of special administration, control from Communism will be minimal.


2. What is wrong with leisure working style?


There is nothing wrong with such kind of working attitude as long as you obtain it through accumulated hard work. Examples are accumulated assets after a period of hard work or attained important position after recognised hard work. I previously mention three types of leisure working styles. The most unfortunate one is the one without a choice, you want to work hard but the system does not allow you to do so. This is the most common reason for joining civil services in previous Hong Kong because this special administration only takes care of minimal number of vested interest holders. As a result, most citizens do not have a choice at all. The less favourable one is the one I mention about Department of Health, it has no roles but it is preserved due to political reason and you still choose to join it. The most hateful one is you join those vested interest holders and enjoy benefits as a result, you exploit others too much to gain such kind of leisure working style.


3. When comparing with Google, what is your popularity?


You may find from below that google.com.hk experiences a period of very low popularity in 2008 but The White House sustains all the time including 2008. Official Donald Trump account ranks eleven around the globe but Official Google account ranks eighty nine around the globe. My popularity is comparable to The White House and Donald Trump in particular sections. As a result, there is definitely comparable popularity between Tung Lam and Google. You can find that Tung Lam ranks number eight on FinsterData Medical Law world ranking. It is because of my hard work in Medical Law all along that I earn so much honours and current position as President of Independent Hong Kong. The most unfortunate thing is internet world is somehow manipulated by Google so this FinsterData does not get verified. Is Google the new vested interest holder of internet world? It really depends on its working direction afterwards. Google must keep open and accept new changes. This applies to everyone including myself!








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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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