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Are Independent Hong Kong & Tung Lam that Important in Defending the Border between Capitalism & Communism?

November 29, 2019

The strongest defending nation for Capitalism is United States in the whole globe. The most resistant country for Communism is North Korea. North Korea cuts off all the connections with western nations. So, how can it survive? Their support is from Russia and mainland China.


As I explained before, mainland China collects a lot of fundings through this special administration of Hong Kong. With such fundings, mainland China funds North Korea to stand firm against Capitalism even with threat of nuclear weapons.


As for Russia, it has no direct connection with Hong Kong except that Edward Snowden escapes from United States through special administration of Hong Kong. Firstly, I have to declare that I do not read his book named 'Permanent Record' but I predict this event through my observation on the various news sources. Edward Snowden is an ordinary government official who comes into contact with secret information of United States. He is a young and ambitious person and he threats government of United States to offer him an important position but United States refuses to comply with his request. He understands that Hong Kong is going to play an important role between Capitalism and Communism so he uses Hong Kong as a threat. Again, United States refuses to comply with his wish again. He eventually escapes to Russia for shelter. He obviously overvalues his importance to United States and ends up badly.


Does Tung Lam play an important role in defending the border between Capitalism and Communism? I made all explanations in my previous websites already and you had all the evidence. Only history can prove my sayings.


Another worry is the very close relationship between Hong Kong and mainland China and people believe Hong Kong needs mainland China to supply all the living goods including water supply. Again, this is only a political consideration and this relationship can be kept as long as mainland China can still obtain benefits through Independent Hong Kong. During Emperor Qin era, legendary tales mention that he sends finest people to Peng-Lai Islands to explore these beautiful islands and they say nowadays this is Japan. Japan surpasses mainland China for long so you can understand that even with connection with mainland China, we can still lead them eventually. The only matter now is whether you believe those vested interest holders should still get the protection as previously!


Finally, I share this picture with you named 'Butterfly Effect'.




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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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