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Is this my final day?

November 24, 2019

Winston Churchill urges United States to support him during war time but United States cannot make this promise to him. Other politicians in United Kingdom are not willing to stand by him because of the power behind him. Winston Churchill makes a final decision by going into a public transportation and asks his citizens to support him. He successfully persuades the Parliament to stand by him because of this. This makes him the greatest politician in history of United Kingdom.


Today is the first voting day during this transition period between Tung Lam and Carrie Lam. I make this final contact with locals about their views on Hong Kong Independence. I encounter four ordinary citizens on my way.


1. An old lady selling second hand stuff on the street and she does not go to vote because she lives on her own at her old age in a small apartment of public housing. She does not choose to receive public assistance from the government. She can only earn very little from selling all these old stuff and barely maintain her life. What is the meaning of voting to her? She says it is meaningless because nobody will listen to her opinion. She decides to make a living instead!


2. A middle age civil servant carries out her duty on this voting day. She works as a civil servant of lowest rank in the government ever since British Hong Kong. She can only live in a public housing estate because, even with her stable salary, she cannot afford the ultra expensive apartment of Hong Kong.


3. A middle age shop owner who owns more than one shop but he only needs to work 4-5 afternoons per week and he lives in a private housing apartment of middle class district. The only reason for his leisure working style is due to his engagement in this irrational stock or housing investments of Hong Kong. Is he a success or you believe we should work on something really productive?


4. An old lady on the way to voting station and she is partially deaf. She mentions that someone from certain political party encourages her to vote. She does not think about any political consequence of her vote.


As a trained politician by United States, I am so sorry that I disappoint some of my supporters because United States cannot keep its promise to me to allow President Trump to come on time 18 November 2019. But I firmly believe this is the wish of international community to end this special administration due to its support on Communism. United States cannot escape from this responsibility. In order to make sure peaceful establishment of Independent Hong Kong, arrival of President Trump is a must and even The White House cannot deny this.


I can tell you that I make too much sacrifice for the successful establishment of Independent Hong Kong. Tonight is the final night for me, I invite any oriental Hong Kong citizen (just one is enough) to speak out to me as support. I will meet you in front of Shek Yum Lei Mak Street Park entrance (just opposite to various food stores) at 23:00 on 24 November 2019. Without this, I will return to work as a medical doctor while I still have enough funding on hand. I will return to public housing to stay with my father for a while before picking up my new life. I AM VERY SERIOUS ABOUT THIS!


People of Hong Kong, please make your final decision!

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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