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The So-Called Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act

November 23, 2019

'Hi, are you Chinese? You are from Hong Kong then you must be Chinese!'


During my visits to United States, I was repeatedly questioned by others on this. The so-called (sorry for being rude) Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act is just another review policy without any practical use! I dare to say it is useless to every Hong Kong citizen! This law expects China government and special administration to obey Hong Kong Basic Law and expects them to follow their commitment in Sino-British Joint Declaration registered at United Nations. Just like you expect someone to suddenly change his or her sexual orientation! It is not practical at all.


According to Hong Kong Basic Law, Hong Kong can only request China Central Government to amend Hong Kong Basic Law when the law court encounters case in conflict with Hong Kong Basic Law. China breaks this rule. The local law court legalises national law unlisted in Hong Kong Basic Law and applies it at West Kowloon Station One Stop Customs. The special administration breaks this rule. Do you think they (both special administration & China governments) can follow rules passed in this so-called Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act?


Even for United States-Hong Kong Policy Act 1992, at this stage, it will not effectively make an impact on changing the current situation of Hong Kong because all these laws expect China or special administration to follow the international regulations or norms which they WILL NOT. 


These are all political tricks played by some politicians with an evil intention of stopping Hong Kong to be an Independent Nation! These politicians have untold connection with vested interest holders of special administration of Hong Kong especially Nancy Pelosi because she knows Anson Chan well. Anson Chan is tightly connected with local tycoons. Eventually, the problem of Hong Kong is without its own sovereignty all along. Hong Kong is being manipulated, firstly as a colony and then as a special administration. As I previously explain to all of you, Hong Kong people can only control the destiny of Hong Kong through Independent Hong Kong Nation. This is already in full force and recognised by United Nations and The White House of United States.




We are HongKongers of Independent Hong Kong.







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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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