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The Story of My Life

December 29, 2017

I was born in Fuzhou City of the Fujian Province of mainland China on 10th February. My father and mother were born in Malaysia and returned to mainland China with their parents when the People’s Republic of China established and China called the overseas Chinese to return to mainland for contribution and claimed that they could live a new life in PRC. According to my parents their life in Malaysia was quite good. Both of my parents were graduated from the university and they studied Medicine in China. My mother chose to become an obstetrician and my father was a dentist. My father later on left China and migrated to Hong Kong alone and from my memory he could not obtain a practicing medical license and could only work as a dental assistant, security guard and hawker in Hong Kong. My mother, my elder brother and I migrated to Hong Kong in 1987 to join my father and we lived in Kwun Tong district of Hong Kong initially. My mother could not obtain a medical license as well and they did not even attend the licensing examination of the Hong Kong Medical Council. She worked in an old age home as a health care assistant until she retired when I graduated from the Hong Kong University Medical School. My elder brother studied until Form 4 in mainland China and he could not find a proper school after migration to Hong Kong and he dropped off from his study after attending several different schools and he was unable to finish his secondary school in Hong Kong. He used to study in a Taiwan Secondary School and the teacher there said his academic performance was alright and persuaded him to study in Taiwan but somehow he did not do so. He got married with a woman from mainland China afterwards and had one son who was born in 2002.


My life is very different from them. I had good academic performance since my childhood and was able to get into a locally renowned primary school in mainland China. I was awarded as an outstanding student during my primary school years. I was migrated with my family to Hong Kong when I finished Primary 5. Initially I also had difficulties in finding primary school and I joined the private Lutheran Primary School in Kwun Tong and then changed to another government-subsided primary school known as Sun Kei Primary School and completed my primary school studies there. Because of my outstanding academic performance I was able to get into a locally well-known secondary school, the Church of Christ in China Mong Man Wai College. It was founded by Mr. Mong Man Wai who was the Chairman of Shun Hing Group selling electronic appliances from Japan. I was always at the top three rank of the whole grade and was awarded the Mong Man Wai Scholarships during my Form 5 and Matriculation year. After graduation from the secondary school I was able to get into the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Hong Kong in 1996 which is one of the most prestigious medical schools in Asia. With the funding from the government and money earned from my part-time jobs I could sustain my own expenditure during my university years. My academic performance during the university years is good as well. With the support of the university I could travel to the National University of Singapore to have my elective study in Paediatrics. I met my wife during my university years at the library and she is the daughter of the Head of the Department of Medicine at that time. My father-in-law was promoted to the Dean of Medicine when I travelled to Singapore in 2001. I was graduated from the medical school in 2001 and my wife was graduated from the medical school in 2002. My father-in-law became the private doctor of the first Chief Executive of Hong Kong when he was still the Head of Department of Medicine. My wife and I got married on 6th September and we have no heir. I should say my life is quite smooth up to my graduation year in 2001 (it is the year when 911 happened in New York) and I was always praised by others because of my good performance all along. It changed completely after my graduation because of several episodes of medical incidence happened to me. I originally planned to become a physician but because my intern evaluation was written badly I was only able to get into the Specialty of Family Medicine. I rotated many different specialties. There are problems of leaking of examination information in the 2006 Family Medicine Fellowship examination. I worked in the Hospital Authority until 2005 and I left the Hospital Authority and joined the Hong Kong Central Hospital (a private hospital) in 2005 and worked until 2008. I left the Hospital Authority out of my own will but I left the Hong Kong Central Hospital because I was forced to do so. My father-in-law was a renowned professor in Hong Kong and worldwide and he lost support from Mr. TUNG Chee Hwa when he stepped down from his position in 2005 because of foot pain. In order to maintain his influence in the medical field, my father-in-law raised funding from the tycoon, Mr. Li Ka Shing and one billion Hong Kong dollars was raised and this is the biggest donation in medical field in Hong Kong previously. He planned to build a private hospital for the Faculty of Medicine at that time. In order to thank Mr. Li Ka Shing the Faculty of Medicine was renamed Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine. The rename of the Faculty had brought heavy criticism from the society especially from the medical alumni. Although they cannot stop the renaming but my father-in-law gradually lost support from the Faculty members and the University and together with the change of the Chief Executive to Mr. Donald TSANG, he had to step down and even prosecuted by the ICAC for corruption and was jailed in 2009. Of course I lost my support and the staff of the Hong Kong Central Hospital started to treat me badly. After my father-in-law stepped down in early 2007 and from this time until I left the private hospital in June 2008, I encountered many difficult patients.


After leaving the Hong Kong Central Hospital in June 2008 I was unable to secure a job until November 2008. I found a job in a private clinic in Tuen Mun but the clinic in-charge always asked me to inject steroid for treating patients with Upper Respiratory Tract Infection and I quitted because I might eventually have legal complaints if I kept doing so. I joined the Tuen Mun Hospital of the Hospital Authority but I found out that this was actually the source of leaking of the examination information because they set reminder in the computer to remind the doctors about the cases to be examined. I was so angry and I quitted the job. My wife’s contract with the Hospital Authority ended in June 2009. We had difficulties in securing jobs afterwards and we decided to migrate to Australia and decided to attempt the Australian Medical Council examination. This was also because we received an invitation by an Australian Medical Group for the job offer. We spent our lifetime savings in Australia because the medical qualification was not recognized by the Australian Medical Council so we could not find a job and had to rely on our savings which included our Mandatory Provident Fund. With my past experiences of the medico-legal cases and inspiration by President Obama, I started to contemplate the Medical Law and I contacted my sister-in-law’s law firm and asked for opportunity of working there and getting reference letter from their Head of Chambers, Mr. Daniel FUNG, for studying a law degree in the UK. I was repeatedly rejected by them. My wife worried about my contemplation and found that I did not want to sit for the Australian Medical Council examination and decided to move back to Hong Kong a few months later. I never obtained the Australian citizenship. At that time my father-in-law was announced guilty and was jailed in September 2009 and he was released in July 2010. When I returned to Hong Kong I persistently pursued the practice of Medical Law and asked assistance from my sister-in-law and her boss Mr. Daniel FUNG. I had also written letters to the government officials including the Chief Executive Mr. Donald TSANG and Secretary for Justice Mr. WONG Yan Lung for their assistance in the practice of Medical Law in Hong Kong. I also wrote letters to social elites and they replied me and some gave encouragement words but many of time turned down my request.


I invited Mr. Douglas LAM and Mr. Daniel FUNG of my sister-in-law’s law firm to become partners in practicing Medical Law and also informed the Medical Protection Society of UK about the partnership but of course it was turned down by them. I also wrote letters to Labor Department of Hong Kong to claim the extra hours of working at the Hong Kong Central Hospital at that time. I needed to be on-call every three days during my work at the Hong Kong Central Hospital and each shift lasted for 24 hours. When there was a Resident on leave, the rest of the two Residents had to take up all the on-call duties. So, it was 24 hours on-call duty every two days. The Hong Kong Central Hospital had closed down later on. I also disclosed the abuse of steroid of the private clinic and failure to comply with Mandatory Provident Fund regulations of the clinic in Tuen Mun to the government. The government did not intervene but the newspaper later on disclosed that the clinic in-charge doctor was actually a civil servant and he hided his private clinic job from the Department of Health. I am not sure about the follow up action on him later on.


Of course, I spent the rest of my years mainly working at Town Health Medical Group while I continued my contemplation of Medical Law in Advance Directive and Euthanasia. As I said, funding of my organization is always difficult. It is not until the end of 2017 I received first affirmative support of an overseas funding organization. I left Town Health Medical Group in September 2017 and I recently heard some bad news about this medical group from the newspaper. Please refer to the article on the development of end of life issues in HKSAR for the rest of the details.

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