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The Dark and Immoral Act of the Scottish Government and the University of Edinburgh

December 2, 2017

The University of Edinburgh


Twenty-first of August 2017 was one of the happiest days in my life as I received a non-conditional offer from the University of Edinburgh Law School about my admission to the LLM Medical Law and Ethics 2017-2018. Medical Law especially the End of Life issue is my lifetime pursuit ever since my contemplation of Medical Law in Hong Kong since 2009. All I understand is that I need to further qualify myself with the relevant degree in Medical Law in order to go further in this field. I noticed the University of Edinburgh has a long history of teaching in Medical Law and it has both on-campus and on-line program. This course is very expensive and its on-campus program costs 20,000 pounds a year excluding all the other expenditures. I worked very hard as a medical practitioner (up to 15-16 hours per day over two years) in order to save enough money to join this Master degree. I am so cheerful that I was eventually able to join it on 11 September 2017. The reason I sought support from President Obama and wished to study Medical Law (the End of Life issue) in USA and UK is because there is no such thing in China or even Asia. Medical Law with focus on the End of Life issue is a very rare branch of Law that is originated from Western Countries only. I can only learn it from the West.


The course was organized into two semesters and each semester lasted less than 6 months in duration. From the university website, it was clearly stated that a non-visa national did not require a student visa if the stay in school was less than 6 months. I planned to return to my hometown during the term break in December 2017 and I even purchased the return ticket as proof. When I arrived at the School of Law and attended the Orientation Program, the staff told me that by attending the Orientation Program, the student was fully matriculated and could continue to study at the University. I focused on my study since then and prepared all the course materials and handed in all the necessary course assessments. I attended the invitation by the Program Director, Professor Graeme Laurie, and explained to him my previous work in End of Life issue and the support from President Barack Obama. Ever since he knew my intention of joining the healthcare politics related to End of Life issue, he repeatedly asked me to join the Mason Institute of the University for research and to become a professor in Medical Law in the future. I acknowledged his goodwill but respectfully declined his offer. By mid-October 2017, I received a notice from the immigration compliance team of the University stating that I was not yet fully matriculated and I needed a student visa for continuation of study. I attended the student information office at the Old College of the University and they allowed me to have some time for settlement of the student visa issue. Almost at the same time, I received a notice from the Obama Foundation and they invited me to visit their office in Chicago and joined the Inaugural Obama Foundation Summit 2017. I informed the School of Law about my request of leave and they agreed to allow me to leave the University for a few days. In order to settle the issue of my student visa, I requested a short-term student visa at the UK border when I returned from the Summit and this short-term student visa allowed the student to study in Edinburgh for 6 months. Ever since I returned from the Inaugural Obama Foundation Summit 2017 and provided the evidence to the School of Law, they insisted on refusing me to stay at the University for completion of the Master degree emphasizing that I needed a Tier-4 student visa for the study. I repeatedly explained to them the difficulties I faced including the follows:

  1. It is already in the middle of the semester and it is less than 30 days until completion of my Semester One, if I returned to my hometown and made application for the Tier-4 student visa I won’t be able to catch the rest of my Semester One study. As you must be aware of the fact that such kind of visa takes several weeks to process.

  2. By UK Law even I was on a visitor visa, I was allowed to stay in Edinburgh to study for up to 30 days from the date of my re-entry after attending the Inaugural Obama Foundation Summit 2017. So, I should be able to finish the Semester One as scheduled even on this visitor visa.

  3. Even they refused to recognize the status of the visitor visa, I got a short-term student visa on hand and I was allowed to study for 6 months that even included the period until Semester Two ended in April 2018.

  4. I even suggested that I could return to my hometown for application of the Tier-4 student visa during term break in December 2017 and hoped that they could allow me to finish the Semester One study.

  5. To the most extreme, I finally suggested I could even leave the University of Edinburgh for Semester Two so the short-term student visa would be completely eligible for just one semester.

  6. Finally, in order to keep myself on the course, I even suggested changing my status to an on-line course student for a two-year part-time degree.

The School of Law insisted on asking me to leave the degree despite I made all these efforts to stay on the course. That was almost completely outrageous and totally unreasonable. It seems that they just want to kick me out of the School whatever it takes. A School of Law does not obey the rule of laws. I was forced to leave the School of Law at the University of Edinburgh eventually. The reasons that I kept posting the relevant law articles and somehow misled all of you I was still on the course were due to the worries and concerns of my wife. But the fact is I never point out in the social media posts that I am still a current student after 10 November 2017. So, I can only say it is misleading. I made a declaration right now is because I cannot tolerate the evil acts of such a world-renowned University had done to me and I was now formally endorsed by President Obama as a Medical Law Consultant already. The Program Director even tried to frame me of misconduct just because I did not hand in the course assessments to the on-line system initially due to misunderstanding. He even suggested me to meet the Postgraduate Director, Dr. Richard Jones, just because of such kind of minor matters. In addition to that, when I tried to publish my articles on an online publisher called Blay Publisher, he denied he had reviewed my articles even though I had submitted the articles to him on-line. Do you know what he said? ‘The articles submitted did not mean it were reviewed’! Then what is the purpose of submission?


The Scottish Government


When I arrived at the University of Edinburgh, I already started to plan my future career path as I understand that I am no longer young and I need to plan ahead for my future career path. I am interested in healthcare politics related to the End of Life issue and President Obama had supported my contemplation for a long time. He was always caring about healthcare and End of Life issue. This was proved by his openly signing the Advance Directive form when he was elected in 2008. Owing to this connection, I plan to get involved in the Inaugural Obama Foundation Fellowship Program after finishing the Master degree in April 2018 in the first place. I even completed my dissertation in advance in order to graduate on time. The dissertation was submitted to the College Head and the Program Director. In order to join the Fellowship, I needed several reference letters from someone in the field of laws and politics. I had made the request to the Scottish Government and they replied me that the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, cannot write any reference letter for others as she was regulated by the relevant Laws but the Member of Scottish Parliament (MSP) could do so. That was the reason I met the MSP, Gordon MacDonald, but eventually he could not write me a reference letter either. Although I showed him the evidence of support letter from President Obama, they did not believe that President would support me in this aspect. After returning from the Inaugural Obama Foundation Summit 2017, the Scottish Government suddenly sent an acknowledgement letter out of nowhere claiming that I had made an invitation to the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, for a meeting that I did not make the request in the first place. A few days later, the relevant staff made another reply stating the same facts of refusal rationales mentioned above. They, again, recognized the fact that I had really made personal contact with President Obama and they could not tolerate the fact that the US President was in support of my contemplation that they refused to support. They tried to use a dirty trick of framing me of dishonesty. It was because of all these events that I felt I was no longer safe in Edinburgh or even Scotland.


The purpose of this article is just to disclose the darkness one can face when he/she tried to create a new path involving politics at a higher political hierarchy. Be alert and stay safe my beloved followers!




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