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The Development of End of Life issue in HKSAR (2009-now)

November 24, 2017

Well, before anything happens, I am just an ordinary medical practitioner received education and practised in Hong Kong since my graduation from the University of Hong Kong in 2001. I got married in 2003 when there was a SARS outbreak. My father-in-law was a world-renowned Professor and Gastroenterologist at the University of Hong Kong. He was the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine from 2001 to 2007. During his professional career, he received numerous awards including the Brock Award for Gastroenterology and the OBE from the Queen in 1997. He was the family doctor of the First Former Chief Executive of HKSAR Mr. TUNG Chee Hwa. He was the one who facilitated the donation of one billion Hong Kong Dollars from the tycoon Mr. Li Ka Shing. The Faculty of Medicine was renamed Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine in 2005 due to this donation. Unfortunately, he stepped down in 2007 and received the trial in 2009 due to the scandal of receiving money in private while working as a public servant. He was sentenced to prison for 25 months in 2009.


This scandal drew public attention at that time and it was at the front pages of the major local newspapers, my wife and I had many difficulties since then. We could not even secure a job and maintain a basic income. We migrated to Australia in 2009 and stayed there for a certain period of time. After this scandal settled down, my wife and I returned to Hong Kong. It was because of the difficulties we faced during that period of time, I started to consider about changing career. While in Australia, I noticed that there is a branch of Law known as Medical Law in USA and UK. I also noticed that President Barack Obama, the first black President in US history, paid a lot of attention to health care and end of life issue such as Advance Directive and Physician Assisted Suicide (part of Medical Law). He was the first President in US history openly signed the Advance Directive in 2008 when he was elected. I started to reach out for the relevant course and found that the University of Edinburgh had a long history of teaching in Medical Law both on-campus and on-line. But my wife and I were facing a lot of financial difficulties at that time and the tuition fee for this course is very expensive. That's why we decided to return to Hong Kong and worked as General Practitioner and locum doctor. Both of us joined the major local medical groups and had steady income. I still did not have enough money to support myself for the Medical Law course because we needed to pay the living cost of many of our family members even part of the living cost of my parents-in-law who were previously enjoyed a wealthy life.


I did not give up the idea of changing career and I became an advocate in Medical Law (with focus in end of life issue) since my return from Australia in 2009. I mainly advocated those issue through major social media including Twitter and YouTube. The number of followers gradually climbed up and reached 28,000 for Twitter and 10,000 for YouTube. It may not look like much but you have to know what I am doing is a very rare division of Medical Law and it is not the common subject of Medical Negligence. I was awarded by multiple accreditation websites as major influencers in end of life issue including Kred.com and Personifind.com. Following these successfully experiences, I started to plan about stepping forward by carrying out real life action. So, I contacted several government officials including Department of Justice and the Chief Executive of Hong Kong. They were actually quite ignorant about this branch of Medical Law and the only point they emphasised was euthanasia is illegal in Hong Kong. Without the support from the Hong Kong government, I can only start my own practice of Medical Law through establishing my own company. I established Awakening Research Foundation Hong Kong Limited in 2012 and continued the relevant promotion through social media. I went out to street to distribute pamphlets and sign Advance Directive forms for free. At the same time, I started to seek attention from President Barack Obama through his campaign committee. There are very few replies initially until I became the only representative in end of life issue in Asia at the World Federation of Right to Die Societies (WFRtDS) in 2013. President Barack Obama started to pay more attention to my company and I received more replies from him and even talked to him through the phone. 


Even I received support from President Barack Obama, the situation did not improve immediately and I had difficulties in seeking funding from the community. I can frankly say that I applied all the major funding organisations locally and around the world and received very very few positive feedbacks. I had to work as a locum doctor in order to raise the fund for my company and support my own living. I even thought of giving up the whole idea because of the difficulties I faced. Fortunately, President Barack Obama continued to support my contemplation and he was able to devote more time to my work when he stepped down from his Presidency. The Awakening Research Foundation Hong Kong Limited was renamed the Eternity Living Life Company Limited in 2017 and President Obama established his Obama Foundation. I was invited to visit his office and join the Inaugural Obama Foundation Summit 2017. Also, I was able to raise sufficient funds to join the study at the University of Edinburgh (by working 15-16 hours per day for two years). President Obama encouraged me to join the leadership training by the Obama Foundation and his affiliated organisations including Organising for Action and Run for Something. They trained me to become a volunteer in promoting end of life issue and encouraged me to join the student representative election. The most important training will be the Fellowship training of Organising for Action and Obama Foundation. I was just accredited by Run for Something to be an endorsed Mentor in end of life issue. Other training and promotional activities will keep coming!


The reason I wrote this article is because many followers asked me about the development of end of life issue in Hong Kong which I can say it is empty before I started to work in this field. I am dare to say that I have been working in this field for many years and I am the first one to initiate its relevant promotion in Hong Kong. It starts with nothing. Please direct further questions to the contact page of my website.

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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